How To Write A Kick-Ass Product Comparison Post {Six Steps}

Hey, bloggers, it has been a long time since I shared a guide. I was pretty busy sharing products reviews and doing some promotion of my newly created website.

I love to write product reviews, and it is one of the best things which converts well.

I have shared many reviews of favorite products in my niche and did some product comparison post too.

One thing I would like to point out is Product Comparison Post have been working well for me. They convert much better than product reviews.

It’s not me who is telling this but the experience.

So, if you’re someone who has started writing products reviews and getting positive results then doing a product comparison post is something you should try next.

Comparison posts are nothing but lengthy posts with multiple short product’s reviews. If you know how to write a good product review, then you are already one step ahead of others.

If you’re just getting started, then read my previous post where I have shared a guide to writing a great product review (especially for newbies).

I recommend you to read that post or else you will be facing some difficulties here and there.

Assuming you know how to write a product review let us move on.

As I mentioned above, writing a comparison post is nothing but a bunch of small reviews grouped together.

Here you will not explain each product in detail, but only 2-3 short paragraphs.

Additionally, you will be comparing pros and cons of each product and write a conclusion paragraph.

Let me now get started and begin with my 6-Step Guide to Write Great Comparison Posts I have strictly followed and got success so far.

How to Write Excellent Product Comparison Post

First Step – Choose Products to Compare

The first step here is to research, think and choose the product you want to compare and your visitors will love.

If you’re comparing products your visitors don’t care about then it’s a waste of time.

Think and choose the best products you would like to compare.

You can opt to compare as many as five different products (with little or more similar functions).

If you’re a beginner and this is your first comparison post then start with two products comparison.

Step Two – Search for More Information

Comparing products needs a lot of research.

You need to know the features, pros and cons of all the products in your list. If you’re not searching or doing some research, then it will be difficult for you to give proper result.

Start your search for comments and read a maximum of them. See how users are reacting and what their opinions are. Do not copy paste the comments but you can use the writing styles.

Next part is to search for the reviews on the Internet. Quickly go through the reviews and note down bold points which you can use.

Read at least three reviews of different authority sites and note down the results and writing style.

Know which feature or points you need to discuss while writing a comparison post.

For example, for smartphones, you need to focus mainly on Design, Processor, Camera, and Battery performance. While searching you may find related products, add them to your “future comparison products list.”

Step Three – Think of A Super Catchy Title

Having a super exciting title will reduce your promotional effort by a huge margin. Also, your Title should contain your main keyword and should be professional looking too.

Post titles are the first thing your visitors see, and if it’s not attractive, then they will not even bother to open your post. In contrast, if you have a super catchy title but not so great post then also users will land on your blog just because of that title.

No doubt writing an excellent product review post will engage your customers, but post title is the one which will bring them.

Pauline from TwelveSkip has an excellent collection of 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates.

Step Four – Get to Work

Start writing your comparison post once you have collected all necessary details. Now, there’s a lot which depends on your writing style and how you represent your data to your visitors.

If you’re not able to engage your visitors, then it’s of no use to write 1500 words long post.

Choose the preferred writing app whether it’s online or offline. I prefer to write my post on EverNote and proofread it with Grammarly (My Review).

You may choose MS office or Wordpad also.

If you’re choosing to write offline at first place, then do verify your grammatical and writing mistakes by pasting your post on either Grammarly or Hemmingway editor.

Tip: Install Grammarly browser or office extension to write an error free post.

Before starting with actual (technical) comparison give users a short introduction of what are you going to write.

Providing necessary details like manufacturer, launched date and the story behind the name (if any) is the measured way to get your users engaged.

Writing a summary at the start will also help users to know what they’re going to read and what they may expect.

Product Summary Example

Step Five – Time to Show Your Skills.

Here comes the most important chapter of this guide.

It is what the visitors are on your site to read.

Once you have written a short introduction, you need to write a big one.

You don’t need to repeat the above points here again but to explain more.

Specify pros of all the products first followed by cons.

Point out if a product has an extra advantage or minor cons.

In this way, visitors will quickly know what the other product is lacking and why they should go with another one.

Elaborate and write a brief description on every extra feature a product has. Discuss the pricing and customer service at the end.

Here you can use user’s comment for references purpose but don’t over do it. 1-2 comments are more than enough.

Give a special effect (bold, italic) to a line or word you think is a major factor.

Alternatively, You can write a review of a first product including pros, cons, and pricing and then list the same for next product.

However, writing point to point and comparing products is much more efficient.

Final Step – Win Your Visitor’s Heart and Trust

Know how to end a post is a great art and this is where most of us fail. Giving your product comparison post a finishing touch is required.

You can’t just end your post with “how was my post?”, “Share this post” or “Buy above products from here (Affiliate Link).”

There needs to be some conclusion from your end which should be truthful. You can also share your experience with products if you have used them before.

Do not write extra truthful lines such as “I haven’t used above products but searched the Internet and wrote this post.”

Show that you have enough knowledge about the product, and you have reviewed the product after using it.

State why you think this product is better than that one. If your visitors trust you, they will most likely go for the one you have suggested.

As mentioned before, stay truthful and honest about the conclusion and do not recommend a product just for the sake of high affiliate commission.

Here’s a nice example where the author clearly explain which product will suit your needs.

How to Conclude

Closing Statements

In the end, ask users to share their views about the product and offer help if they have got any doubt.

Genuinely ask users to share this post on social media, and they will do.

Keep updating your product comparison post if a product gets updated, or its price changes. Staying up to date is something visitors love and respect.

Writing comparison post is a challenging task and time consuming. But, totally worth it.

Regular and honest comparison posts make your blog a one stop solution for your visitors.

They will come back to you if you have given them all the details they needed.

You never know they may end up being your potential customers 😉

That’s all for the week, and I will get back to you next week with a new helpful post.

Over To You

What is your way of writing product comparisons? Do they provide the result you want? Let me know your experiences and how helpful this post was for you.

Do share this post with your followers and friends on social media. And don’t forget to pin below image to your favorite pin board.


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Richa Gangwani

Good one!

Aditya Vikram


You could only compare the product in the right way if you had used both the products,then only you could give them a genuine review of both products.
sometimes its little hard .

Great Article shafi

Keep Updating



Hi Shafi,
I have seen that many people use tables while showing the difference between the products which makes your post more usefull for your readers, what do you think about it?

Ravi Chahar

Hey Shafi,

The product comparison can be really hard. You have to learn more about both the products.

Learning more and building your strategy is required. You have listed some great points.


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