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MailerLite Review: Why I Switched from MailChimp to MailerLite

Review of: MailerLite

Use: Email Marketing Tool


Create & send campaigns and automated emails.

Ease of Use

Easy navigation and detailed tutorial for every action. 


Good customer support and great answers with a small delay.


Probably the most affordable email service provider in the market.

What We Like

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Easy Navigation
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Free Plan Provide Automation

What We Don't Like

  • Deleted Subscribers Still Counts
  • Fairly New in The Market
  • Extra Verification

Quick Intro: MailerLite is an email marketing provider that allows you to send unlimited emails to your subscribers with minimal charges. The service is free up to 1000 subscribers (non-removable branding) and allows you to use pro features.

I have put it this review to help new bloggers who are looking for a free alternative to MailChimp and want to have automation. Enjoy!

Paid Plan Starts from $10/Month (for 1001 - 2500 Subscribers)

Email marketing is essential for every site owner, and your email subscribers are the most loyal supporters and clients of your business.

If you have started a blog recently and want some loyal reader base then, email marketing is what you should consider doing.

I started this blog a few months ago, but due to my previous experience with blogging, I start collecting email subscribers right from day one.

I guess that’s the reason I got 17 email subscribers within first 30 days of launching this blog.

When I started blogging, I started it with MailChimp, a popular email service provider (ESP).

There are numerous of reasons why I choose MailChimp to start my email marketing, here are few –

1. Free up to 2000 Subscribers – Since most of my money was spent on buying a domain, hosting, theme, plugins, etc. I didn’t have money to spend on ESP. Moreover, I wanted first to learn more about email marketing and if it will work for me or not, before spending my money.

MailChimp has a free plan which lets you have up to 2000 emails and send 12000 emails per month before opting for the premium subscription.

2. Popular – MailChimp is popular, and it has some of the industry best features available.

It helps a lot when you are new to email marketing and don’t know where to start.

3. Easy to Use – When you get into email marketing, there’s a lot to learn. You will be daunted with some technical terms, how-tos, optimizations.

With modern features of MailChimp, it is a piece of cake for nontechies to create lists, groups, send emails, manage subscribers, and other stuff.

It makes it pretty easier to compose and sent your first newsletter.

But, like I always said, free things comes with limitations, MailChimp free plan had some undesirable limitations.

When you are subscribed to free plan, you can’t have your hands on premium features like AB Testing, Autoresponders, Removable MailChimp Branding, etc.

I was okay with others, but Autoresponders or Automated emails was one thing I wanted.

Having Autoresponders make things a lot easier and with swipe files & email series, you can grow your email list to multi figures.

After using MailChimp for one entire month, I started searching for its alternative with Free Plan and Automation Features.

Thanks to ConvertPlug (best plugin to create email subscriber & popup forms) I got to know about MailerLite.

And after reading its features on official site and reviews by others, I made my decision of switching from MailChimp to MailerLite.

Sign up & Get Free $20 MailerLite Credits

MailerLite Review & Features

A group of developers founded MailerLite in the year 2010 which makes it pretty new to ESP world.

MailerLite is targeted to small businesses and bloggers, and the aim of the company is to keep it as simple as possible.

From signing up to creating a list to sending your first email, you will find hints, notes, and tutorials for damn every step.

Although, MailerLite is targeted to small business, the features and services offered are comparable with current ESPs.

Here are some of the features which make MailerLite best alternative to MailChimp.

Free Plan with Premium Features

Unlike MailChimp, MailerLite offers you premium features on the free plan. Except for MailerLite branding, you get to use all the premium features.

It lets you have up to 1000 subscribers for free and allows you to send unlimited emails to your customers. (MailChimp limits it to 12000 emails per month).


Like I said earlier, MailerLite allows you to use automation feature which can be used to create autoresponders, email series or swipe files.

Like every other task, creating Autoresponders in MailerLite is just a few clicks away.

Moreover, you can customize your autoresponders by adding name, email or address to the subject line.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop makes creating visually appealing emails easier and quick. You can drag and drop objects like text boxes, images, charts to your desired position and frame your email as you want.

Pre-designed Templates

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to design emails, then you can choose from some beautiful pre-designed templates. There are templates for everyone and every type of email you would like to send to your subscribers.

Email Tracking

With the advanced email tracking of MailerLite, you can analyze the results of your emails.

It lets you see who and how many subscribers have opened the email and click on the link present.

With this feature, you can remove inactive subscribers from the list.

BlogTyrant has an excellent post on the importance of cleaning inactive email subscribers.


And the most important plus point of MailerLite over MailChimp is its pricing.

Here’s a price comparison table of MailChimp and MailerLite to help you understand it better.

0-1000Free (Limited to 12000 emails)Free (No Limit on emails)

On average, using MailerLite saves you more than $100 per year, which you can utilize to buy some other product.

There are Gazillions of other features which will make you fall in love with MailerLite, but for now, these are enough.

Try MailerLite for Free >>

Cons of MailerLite

Nothing is this world is perfect and so as MailerLite. Here are some of the limitations of MailerLite that you may not like.

Deleted Subscribers Still Counts

One of the biggest thing I dislike about MailerLite is that it still counts the deleted subscribers and you have to pay for them (in paid plan).

There may arise certain cases when you delete subscribers, or some of them unsubscribe from your mailing list. In that case, your unique subscriber count will not be reduced, and you’ll still be charged for emails you aren’t using.

I hope MailerLite will soon review this feature.

We had an official from MailerLite who confirmed that the deleted subscribers aren’t counted. Here’s the official statement –

“Deleted emails, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints or inactive emails are being removed from the counter after 30days. For example, you sent a campaign on 1st of January, and let say 100 emails bounced. So, this number will stay on the counter until 1st February, and then it will be removed. Counter updates every day GMT 00:00 and removes addresses, which didn’t receive any email for the last 30days. If you send campaigns daily, then counter daily removes email addresses, just with the 30-day lag”.

Great to see this feature.

Relatively new to The Market

Being new to the market, you will find MailerLite integration in few popular plugins only. For example, Bloom Plugin from Elegant Theme doesn’t support MailerLite integration thus making it usage limited.

However, it won’t last for long, and soon almost all the plugins will support MailerLite.

Sign up & Get Free $20 MailerLite Credits

How To Create A Free Account on MailerLite

Creating an account on MailerLite is very straightforward.

At first, you go to their homepage by clicking on this link (affiliate link) or by searching on Google.

Once you are on the homepage, click on ‘Get Forever Free Account‘ button to create a free account.

Next, fill up your data and verify your email address. If everything goes fine, you will have your account created.

Please note that MailerLite may require you to verify your blog by using a domain specific email address (hello@domain.com). It is to prevent spam and duplicate accounts being created.

Also, when your account gets approval, you will have a limit of 500 subscribers. It can be upgraded to 1000 subscribers, once you have reached the limit and haven’t violated any terms and conditions.

Create Your Free Account By Clicking Here >>

Final Words

MailChimp is a good ESP for bigger brands and businesses. If you have millions of subscribers and want an industry-best ESP to handle it, then MailChimp is the one you want to choose.

On the other hand, MailerLite is an excellent option for bloggers and small businesses.

And with the free plan, there is no possible reason to why you wouldn’t like to try MailerLite.

P. S. – If you want to see the Autoresponder in action, then subscribe to my newsletter, and you will receive a nicely written email with a freebie attached to it.

How is your experience with MailChimp? And what do you think about my decision of switching from MailChimp to MailerLite? Share in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers. And yes, you are free to pin the below image.

MailerLite Review and Comparison with MailChimp

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Remis (MailerLite Support)
Hi! Thanks for the nice review! 🙂 I have a small comment re unique subscriber counter – deleted emails, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints or inactive emails are being removed from the counter after 30days. For example, you sent a campaign on 1st of January, and let say 100 emails bounced. So, this number will stay in the counter till 1st February, and then it will be removed. Counter updates every day GMT 00:00 and removes addresses, which didn’t receive any email for the last 30days. If you send campaigns daily, then counter daily removes email addresses, just with the 30… Read more »
Aadil malik

Thanku for sharing this article it is very nice and helpful

Richa Gangwani

Thank you for sharing your experience of shifting from MailChimp to mailerlite.
This seems to be useful 🙂


Hi there,

Thanks for the review! I started using MailerLite this year and so far am happy enough. Have you been able to figure out if its true that every email, even deleted and unsubscribes, still count towards the total count of subscribers we are paying for? I am not getting a clear understanding about this.


Ravi Chahar

Hey Shafi,

Email marketing is required to boost your business. It’s important to have a better service provider.

Mailerlite seems quite promising. Glad to know more about it.


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