FlameDomain Review: How to Find Brandable Domain Names for Free

The very first step before starting your website is to choose a name. Now many would say what’s in the name but let me shut their mouth using a quote I admire a lot –

Tigers die and leave their skins; People die and leave their names.

Name of your website is as important as your name, and if you want people to remember it, you need it to be awesome.

Coming up with an easy to remember, a brandable and catchy name is a lot harder than searching a true love (don’t take me serious, though).

While searching for brandable domain names, you will find that the best ones have already been taken or are of premium category.

Finding a one word top level domain is next to impossible and unless you’re ready to pay some hefty amount you can’t acquire it.

Two and more word domains are still available, but you need to think out of the box to find a catchy available domain.

There are many domain suggestion tools which will help you list out available domains based on your desired keyword.

However, very few of them will be of top quality and make sense.

So, what to do now?

FlameDomain is the perfect domain suggestion tool and the best one I have used till now for finding brandable domain names for free.

Like others, it doesn’t choose and add random words but gives you personalized domain suggestions.

All the suggested domains are mostly of two words, unique, and brandable.

Here are few features of FlameDomain (Free Version) –

FlameDomain Free Features
FlameDomain Features

1. Choose from different registrars

Hate GoDaddy for a particular reason? No worry, you can choose from many others.

2. Top Level Domains Only

FlameDomain searches for domains which are available only in .com or .net extension.

3. Choose from Multiple Categories

FlameDomain has many categories you can choose from, and it will show results based on your settings.

Multiple types like Brandable, one word, premium, niche, hacks, etc. are present.

4. Searches Domain suitable for a niche

Another great feature is to search domains based on certain niches.

Once you click on niche from the main category, you will be able to choose from multiple niches.

Find Niche Specific Premium Domain Names for Free

Blog, Fashion, Tech, E-commerce are few examples.

5. Input your desired keyword

Not satisfied with the auto-generated results?

Input your desired keyword and FlameDomain will list out some fantastic domain names for you.

You can also choose whether you want your keyword to append before or after.

Apart from all these features available for free, there are some cool features you can buy.

After paying the subscription fee of $17/mo, you can get access to premium features like one word, premium, hack, location, L33T (combination of words and numbers which look like a name), and names.

I have not bought the subscription and the free features provided are more than enough for me to come up with an excellent domain name.

If you’re into domain reselling business or looking for a premium domain, buying a subscription from FlameDomain will be totally worth for you.

6. Social Media Username

Another useful feature of FlameDomain is that you can check if the username related to your domain is available or not.

It searches for your username on three popular social media channels namely Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social Media Username Availability

Visit FlameDomain >>

Summing it Up

How were you searching for a domain name before knowing about FlameDomain and what is your experience with it?

Know any better tool which can replace FlameDomain? Share it in the comment section.

And at last, if you enjoyed reading this article & found it helpful then do share it with your friend and followers.

Easiest Guide to Find Brandable Domain Names

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