How to Craft Perfect Headlines for Your Next Blog Articles

The title of your post plays a significant role in attracting visitors, and it’s the first thing they see.

If your headline is compelling and unique, people will surely click on it and read your article.

You should know how to craft perfect headlines even if you’re new to blogging and finding it difficult to write engaging and quality articles.

So, how do you write catchy headlines? There are many tools available, but my favorite is CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

It is a web-based tool available for everyone to use for free.

To use this tool you need to visit this page.

Now enter a headline which is in your mind and click on analyze.

For example, I had ‘how to craft catchy headlines for your next project‘ in my mind. So, let me analyze it.

craft catchy headlines for bloggers

After clicking on ‘Analyze ‘ button, it will show how your title score. For me, it was 68/100.

Next, to that, there is a word balance section which shows the overall structure of your title.

It includes the percentage of common, uncommon, emotional and power words.

You can learn more about the importance of emotional and power words through tips.

Next section will show what your headline type is. Mine is ‘how to.’

headline type for crafting catchy headlines

Length Analysis is the next part of your analyze report.

It shows character count and word count of your headline. Apart from it, there are tips written to help you manage the length.

Next, to it, it will show how your headline will be seen by users on Google Search Result page and Email Subject Line.

It is important to note that no power words are getting missed from the viewable area.

Last sections of the report include keywords and sentiment.

In keyword, my headline contains craft, headlines and project keywords.

And the sentiment is ‘neutral.’ We want our title to convey either strongly positive or negative emotions.

I’m not satisfied with the result so let us tweak it and add some power word.

For that, I replaced the word ‘catchy’ with ‘perfect’ and let us see the result now.

Woah! A score of 72!

Word balance and the length are beautiful but let’s scroll down to see what sentiment I got.

Positive sentiment. Yes! That’s what I wanted.

Headline History in Headline Analyzer

Now it’s time to publish this post with this headline 🙂

Any score above 70 is considered good. However, always try more if you can tweak it for better scores.

Visit Headline Analyzer >>

Summing it Up

It takes a lot of time to master the art of crafting catchy headlines, but once you’ve got the idea, you won’t be needing any tool.

Till then, use the tool and expect a massive traffic bomb soon to your blog.

Don’t forget to share this article with your blogger friends.

And don’t stop yourself from commenting what’s in your mind.

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