21 Blogging Mistakes Every Unsuccessful Blogger Make

Blogging is a passion and passion leads to success.

But, there are many other things you need to take care of while starting a blog.

Passion alone won’t bring you success.

Essential blogging factors like a brandable name, Web Hosting, themes, promotion, etc. decide your success.

And while starting a blog, every new blogger make few mistakes which makes their blogging path involved.

Today, I have compiled a list of 21 Blogging Mistakes every new blogger make and How to avoid them.

So, let’s get started.

21 Blogging Mistakes Every Unsuccessful Blogger Make

1. Choosing a Random Domain Name

The first step of starting a blog is to think of a domain name.

There are three considerable points of choosing a domain name –

1. The domain name should be catchy and easy to remember. Eg – Google.com

2. It should not contain letters or hyphens which are not easily favored by Google. Eg – my-blog123.com

3. It should represent your blog niche. If possible, it should include one keyword as well.

Example – MyPassiveIncome.com (domain name itself represent the niche and includes a keyword ‘passive income’)

Read my guide to find catchy, brandable domain names for free.

2. Selecting Other Extensions

One helpful tip is that your domain name should be a Top Level Domain like .com. net or .org

Lately, country specific domain and .co extensions are catching well.

3. Buying Hosting from Unreliable Host

Another silly mistake new bloggers do is to host their website on a free web hosting providers or buy cheap and unreliable web hosting.

SiteGround and BlueHostare most reliable shared hosting providers. And their plan starts as low as $2.95/month.

Also, the support, free domain, and free migration are some worth mentioning features.

Spending few extra dollars is worth the quality you’ll receive.

4. Using Nulled Themes

Similar to the above mistake, a new blogger will try to cut the cost as much as possible.

I have seen many bloggers using a nulled theme downloaded from those creepy sites and later complaining about their site being hacked.

Do not repeat this mistake. Securing your site is important.

A good theme from MyThemeShop* will cost only $19 (Limited Offer) which is reasonable.

If you can’t afford it, then better go with Free WordPress Themes.

5. Installing Many Plugins

Again, the most common mistake. New bloggers will install a new plugin for every small function instead of using a multi-function plugin.

Installing many plugins will slow down your blog and affect your bounce rate and SEO.

6. Faking as Pro When They’re Not

Your writing skills, your knowledge on a subject and way of presenting a topic show your expertise.

Do not fake as a pro blogger and be yourself.

Learn more and you’ll never know when you’re a pro.

7. Copying or Rewriting Contents

Copying contents from others website or rewriting their content is illegal and considered as plagiarism.

Your blog can be blocked or deleted if someone complainants about it.

8. Using None or Very High-Quality Images

Visual contents are getting popular day by day and not using them is the biggest blogging mistake you’ll do.

Use at least one image on each blog post.

Also, if your image is of high quality then make sure to compress it before uploading.

9. Using Hard to Read Fonts

User experience is a key factor in every business.

Many bloggers use fonts which are hard to read or too small.

Using decorative fonts or bold fonts all over your blog will degrade the user experience.

10. Adding Annoying Popups

Let it be for making money or collecting emails; Popups are the most annoying part of a blog.

Many new bloggers will add one or more such annoying popup which makes a visitor leave the blog ASAP.

One good practice is to use user-friendly popups or completely avoid it.

11. Ignoring SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the heart of blogging. Without it, you can’t attract the traffic you deserve.

Unless you’re spending thousands of dollar on advertising, you should implement SEO as much as possible.

I often write about SEO here as well.

12. Spamming in The Name of Link Building

I agree that link building is important to grow your blog but only when it is done naturally.

Spamming on every forum, website, and Q&A site is not the correct way to build backlinks.

13. No Content Promotion

Creating and publishing content won’t bring the traffic you have always dreamed about but promotion will.

Step out and start promoting your content (not spamming) on social media channels, forums, and another website.

Tip – Be helpful and creative while promoting your contents.

14. No Social Sharing Buttons

Let users do the work for you and make your content go viral.

Not having social media buttons on relevant places will stop users from sharing your content and thus reduce your growth.

Above post, below post and floating share buttons are most widely used.

Importance of Social Media Sharing Buttons

Currently, I am using Monarch Plugin by Elegant Themes for adding social media buttons.

15. Not Collecting Emails

Whether you’re blogging for a month or a year, you need to collect emails.

Collecting emails and building a subscriber list will help you in every step of blogging.

You can promote, share or make money using this subscriber list alone.

16. Not Building User Trust

Trust is an important factor in every business let alone blogging.

If your users don’t trust you, they will never buy or use any product you recommend.

As they say, honesty is the best policy.

17. Setting Big Goals

Again a silly mistake which you’ll regret later.

Many newbies will set bigger goals within the start of a blog.

Like a goal of having One Million page views within the first month.

Seriously? You’re not an expert with a large fan base and budget to accomplish this aim.

Set goals but be realistic at the same time. Goals like publishing 50 posts, 10,000 page views or $100 profit are achievable and will motivate you to work further.

18. Expecting Too Much Within Start

Again, one more reason for your failure.

Do not expect much when you’re starting a blog. I know you’re working hard and doing everything to make your blog successful but, good things take time.

Expectations will only lead you to disappointment.

19. Running Behind Money

Blogging has the potential to generate money, and it can turn you into a millionaire.

But, only when you do it right.

Running behind money, adding too many ads, doing dishonest sponsored reviews may earn you few dollars, but they are more of like churn and burn.

To make a stable income from your blog you need to provide quality.

20. Lose Consistency

Consistency is the key to success.

What happens with every new blogger is they work their ass off in the first few weeks.

Gradually, they start losing their interest and start publishing an article once a week. Later this number decreases and only one post a month is being issued.

Make a plan or blog planner and stick to it. Being consistent will bring you success and keep you interested in blogging.

21. Quitting Blog after A Failure

At last, after seeing no traffic, no money or no sales many will quit blogging and think blogging is not for them.

Don’t lose your hope after a failure, learn from your mistake and success will be yours. (Happy Ending)

Final Words

Mistakes are a part of the achievement, and if you are not making mistakes, then you aren’t going the right way.

However, you don’t have to repeat this silly mistakes if you are thinking of starting a blog.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media channels.

May the force be with you!

21 Blogging Mistakes of Unsuccessful Bloggers

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