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Amazon Launches Official Amazon Associates Link Builder Plugin

Amazon has launched its official WordPress plugin called Amazon Associates Link Builder that lets you create Amazon affiliate links and add products to your posts without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin is helpful for bloggers who want to add affiliate products quickly without having to visit Amazon site and copy paste the product images.

There are few free as well as paid plugins already available, but it is always better to use the official plugin for better support and functionality.

Features of the Link Builder Plugin

  • Amazon’s product catalog search built directly into the WordPress editor.
  • Product link posting via shortcode
    Four, pre-built ad templates including multi-product options.
  • Responsive ad sizes as well as fixed, custom sizes.
  • Custom ad template options.
  • Ad performance tracking

How To Install Amazon Link Builder Plugin

Since it’s just like any other WordPress plugin, the steps required to install it to your WordPress site remains the same.

1. Login to your dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New

2. Search for ‘Amazon Link Builder’ which would show the relevant results.

Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin Install

3. Install and activate the plugin.

How To Setup Amazon Link Builder Plugin

Before you can add products using the plugin, you have to do a basic setup like adding your Amazon account and API.

1. After installation of the plugin, Go to Associate Link Builder > Settings.

Amazon Associat Link Builder Plugin Setup

2. Enter your Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Associate ID.

3. Choose the Default Associate ID, Marketplace, and Template design.

4. Tick the agree T&C and save the changes.

5. Now you’re ready to add products to your posts.

How to Add Amazon Products Using Amazon Link Builder Plugin

1. While you’re in your WordPress post editor, you’ll see Amazon logo with a search bar next to it.

2. Enter the keyword of product you want to search.

Amazon Keyword Results

3. Choose the product, associate ID, marketplace, and template you would like to add.

4. Click on ‘Insert shortcode, to insert the product into your article. You can use the same shortcode to add same product to multiple posts or positions.

Since the plugin is still in its Beta phase, there may be certain bugs and glitches. One such known problem is images not getting displayed on sites using HTTPS.

Below is the official Amazon statement about this issue.

Currently, images are failing to display on sites using HTTPS. We are aware of the problem and expect a fix to be live before Christmas. The fix will be automatic and will not require additional actions by affiliates.

What do you think of Amazon Link Builder Plugin?

Is it any good or you’re satisfied with the current method of adding affiliate links and products?

Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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9 Comments on "Amazon Launches Official Amazon Associates Link Builder Plugin"

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I have installed this plugin but it doesn’t show any images or templates (I have set up the PluginGrid) at all on the website and we are not using HTTPS?!

A little disappointed as every plugin I have used has failed to display anything or work at all.

Kingston lofts

Excellent post!!. Great collections.. It’s really helpful to us. I follow blog for tips and guidelines.

Jelina Roy

Hey Shafi,

Well, Amazon has done a great job releasing Amazon Link Builder Plugin, but it certainly lacks some of the key features like Link localization which is present in 2rd party Plugins like Easyazon, so i hope so, they will add it in their premium version once this free version become successful.


Shaikh Masood Alam

Like EasyAzon, user redirect to country store or not?
Eg, If we add US and India store in easyazon and visitor come from India so its redirect to Indian store where US visitor redirect to US version.


Thanku dear for giving me such a useful information. Before reading this topic i don’t know about this plugin.


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