10+ Free WordPress Plugins Every Newborn Blogger Should Install

Setting up your personal WordPress blog is a matter of clicks but personalizing it, optimizing it, and making it work faster take days and months.

See what smart things I did before launching my blog officially.

You need to find the perfect plugins which are easy to use, full of features and not taking up a whole lot of space.

And how do you find these plugins? Of course by installing and testing every plugin with good reviews.

Well, the good news is, I’ve done the homework to make blogging a little easier for you (thank me later).

Here are ten must-have free WordPress plugins for noobs who are using this platform for the first time.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Please Note – Some of the below-mentioned plugins have pro versions available to buy for extra features.

List of Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins for Noobs

1. Akismet

plugins for new bloggers - akismet

Akismet is a spam filtering plugin which keeps your blog away from spam comments which are annoying.

And the good news is you don’t even have to install it. Yes, Akismet comes bundled with WordPress, and all you’ve to do is to activate Akismet from ‘installed plugin’ area.

After activating you’ll need to get API by signing up at Akismet which is a one minute process.

Alternative to Akismet

Antispam Bee

2. Google XML Sitemaps

Ranking in Google search results is an important aspect of blogging, and for that, you’ll have to let Google know you have a new article on your blog.

Google XML Sitemap plugin will help you generate XML sitemap of your blog and submit it to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Note – Sitemaps are pages which contain all the links to your blog and help web crawlers index them faster.

Alternative to Google XML Sitemaps

All in One Webmaster

3. Yoast SEO

Taking about search engines results, SEO is the most prominent aspect of it.

As it may be harder for noobs to learn all the techniques of SEO, this plugin makes work a lot easier.

Yoast SEO will help you make your post more SEO-friendly and helps in improving readability.

Alternative to Yoast SEO

All In One SEO Pack

4. W3 Total Cache

free wordpress plugins - w3 total cache

Speed plays a significant role in user experience and can slowly affect bounce rate of your site.

W3 Total Cache is a simple yet useful plugin which does all the complex work behind the screen and helps your site load faster.

Also, it manages the database of your site for better optimization.

Alternative to W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

5. Rocket Lazy Load

Images are the most space consuming object of a site, and they take the maximum time to load.

If you’re using HQ images on your site, then you better buy a high-quality web hosting or else God Bless You!

However, if you want your site to load faster despite having many images on the screen, the Rocket Lazy Load plugin is your destination.

It doesn’t load the images until the picture is on user’s screen and thus saves loading time.

Simple yet helpful isn’t it?

Alternative to Rocket Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load

6. Shortcodes Ultimate

Designing a website is important, but not everyone is a master of HTML and CSS.

Shortcode Ultimate is a handy plugin which helps users add customized buttons and boxes with ease.

It provides you with a bunch of shortcodes that can be copied and pasted to create an excellent looking website.

Alternative to Shortcodes Ultimate

Simply Shortcode

7. TablePress

As the name suggests, TablePress is a plugin which allows you to add tables with some columns and rows to WordPress.

It’s pretty easy to create, align, customize, and insert links to a table with Table Press.

After creating a table, save it and use the shortcode on any post or page to show the table.

Alternative to TablePress

Easy Table

8. Contact Form 7

Having a contact form is important not only from readers perspective but SEO perspective as well.

With Contact Form 7 you can create simple and functional contact form with ease.

Also, you can add them to any page or post with the shortcodes.

Alternative to Contact Form 7

Ninja Forms

9. Sucuri Security

must have wordpress plugin - sucuri

You must have heard of stories like someone’s WordPress account has been hacked. It is because they aren’t taking security seriously.

Securing a blog is as important as managing and promoting it.

A small loophole can cost you all hard work and money you put into it.

With Sucuri, it’s just a matter of minutes to have a secured blog.

Install Sucuri and follow the on-screen instructions to protect your blog from malware, malicious attacks, trojans and many more attacks.

Alternative to Sucuri Security

iThemes Security

10. UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

So, you installed a security plugin and are happy that your data is secure? Think again.

What if the WordPress host you’re using gets closed or due to some technical glitches all the data is lost.

Now is the perfect time to be prepared for such situations.

UpdateDraft Plus is a plugin which lets you backup your WordPress site daily or weekly and stores the backup on online drives like Google Drive, One Drive and more.

Rad this guide to properly setup UpdraftPlus to automatically back up your site daily.

Alternative to UpdateDraft Plus


11. SumoMe

Once you’ve started writing content and generating traffic, your next step should be to analyze the traffic, collect emails, and see what the most clicked areas of your website for better ad placement are.

And let me tell you that you don’t need three different plugins for these features.

SumoMe is a feature pack plugin which enables you to have subscriber forms, pop-ups on your blog.

It also provides an accessible analytics for the traffic you’re receiving.

Other features like heatmaps, content advertising, welcome door screens are also available within this plugin.

Alternative to SumoMe


Summing it Up

Let’s accept the fact; WordPress is here to stay, and if you want your blog to be popular, you need to cope up with it.

Install these free WordPress plugins for noobs to improve your blog presence, speed and security.

Tip – Do not install more plugins and try to keep the number as low as possible. Installing more Plugins will slow down your blog which is unacceptable.

Share this post with your friends and followers and help them start a thriving blog with the most perfect WordPress plugins. Also, take a second to Pin the below graphic to your favorite Pinterest group board.

must have free wordpress plugins for newbiorn bloggers

If you’re in need of a plugin for a particular function, then let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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Nikhil Makwana

Hi Shafi,

This is my first time visit on your blog. You have explained all the plugins very well.

I am using some of them plugins for my blog, But I am still little bit confused about “all in one seo” and “wordpress seo by yoast”. which one is the best plugin to optimize my blog.


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